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  • Breaking News Alerts - be alerted when news breaks.
  • School Closings– Be the first to know when schools close.
  • Severe Weather Warnings Be alerted when severe weather threatens your area. (Warnings are automatically sent from the National Weather Service 24 hours a day.  These include thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, flash flood warnings and any advisories.)
  • Daily ForecastGet the KY3 Storm Team forecast delivered to your phone in the morning and the afternoon.

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1) News

2) Severe Weather Warnings By County - MO

3) Severe Weather Warnings By County - AR

4) Daily Weather Forecast

5) Community Events

7) School Closings - Barry County, MO

8) School Closings - Barton County, MO

9) School Closings - Benton County, MO

10) School Closings - Camden County, MO

11) School Closings - Carter County, MO

12) School Closings - Cedar County, MO

13) School Closings - Christian County, MO

14) School Closings - Dade County, MO

15) School Closings - Dallas County, MO

16) School Closings - Dent County, MO

17) School Closings - Douglas County, MO

18) School Closings - Greene County, MO

19) School Closings - Henry County, MO

20) School Closings - Hickory County, MO

21) School Closings - Howell County, MO

22) School Closings - Jasper County, MO

23) School Closings - Laclede County, MO

24) School Closings - Lawrence County, MO

25) School Closings - Miller County, MO

26) School Closings - Newton County, MO

27) School Closings - Oregon County, MO

28) School Closings - Ozark County, MO

29) School Closings - Phelps County, MO

30) School Closings - Polk County, MO

31) School Closings - Pulaski County, MO

32) School Closings - Reynolds County, MO

33) School Closings - Shannon County, MO

34) School Closings - St. Clair County, MO

35) School Closings - Stone County, MO

36) School Closings - Taney Couny, MO

37) School Closings - Texas County, MO

38) School Closings - Vernon County, MO

39) School Closings - Webster County, MO

40) School Closings - Wright County, MO

41) School Closings - Baxter County, AR

42) School Closings - Boone County, AR

43) School Closings - Carroll County, AR

44) School Closings - Fulton County, AR

45) School Closings - Madison County, AR

46) School Closings - Marion County, AR

47) School Closings - Newton County, AR

48) School Closings - Searcy County, AR
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